Saturday, May 15, 2010

Skirt Etiquette

As I made my way home on the bus today after running a few errands I had the misfortune of watching a a woman- dressed adorably in a fitted navy blazer and full ikat print skirt- plop down in her seat. Now, when I use the word "plop" I mean, sat down haphazardly with no thought to the fact that by sitting down so unceremoniously, her skirt would be pushed up behind her back. She then spent the entire bus ride with her bare bottom on the seat. Witnessing this sad and embarrassing moment got me to thinking about how women today wear skirts. This unfortunately, wasn't the first time I've seen public skirt snafus. I have seen more flashes of panties than I care to admit. It seems women nowadays treat skirts as if they were pants. They bend, sit, cross their legs with no thought to the fact that they are showing their goodies to the world.Now, I know this makes me sound like a fuddy-duddy, but a big part of the fun of wearing skirts is to feel feminine and girly. The romance of a skirt twirling around you or the sensuality of a pencil skirt hugging your curves gets lost when the person wearing it doesn't know how to wear it! Listed below are a few skirt wearing tips for the novice and seasoned skirt wearer alike:

1. Pick a skirt that suits your body type. If you are curvy it is best to stay away from full circle skirts as they will add weight to your hips and bottom.
Ann Taylor at ShopStyle
Look for a-line and pencil skirts instead. If you have a boy shape or are thin look for skirts that create the illusion of curves.
D&G at ShopStyle

2. Invest in tights. Opaque tights are best. Bright, bold colors look great with black or neutral colored skirts. And if you opt to wear a mini, black tights keep the look more modest. In the fall and winter, I wear mini skirts with black tights and my favorite black high-heels boots.

3. When sitting down in a skirts, remember to smooth the back down. This will keep it from riding up when you sit. The same is true for the front of the skirt when you stand up.

4. Try pairing your skirt with a fun pair of shoes. Men's wear-inspired brogues are very in right now.
Bronx at ShopStyle
They work best with full or a-line skirts in frilly prints
Anthropologie at ShopStyle

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