Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Dreamin'

The weather in Chicago right now is fantastic. Seventy-five degrees with a slight breeze is all anyone who lives in this two season town can ask for. This fabulous day has gotten me thinking about all of the amazing summer activities.

The Taste of Chicago
June 26- July 5

The 29th annual Taste of Chicago that spans all of Grant Park (the park where President Obama gave his victory speech on election night) in downtown Chicago near the lakefront is a must-see if you're a tourist and a maybe if you have lived in Chicago for more than five years. With over 50 restaurants offering more than 200 menu items, The Taste (as it's called) is the largest food festival in the United States. Admission is free if you would just like to walk the grounds and get squished by the crowd, but if you'd like to sample the food tickets run for $8 (plus a $2 surcharge) for a strip of twelve. Be warned: This is not an inexpensive outing. Most of the items cost anywhere from 3-6 tickets, so if you'd like to sample more than two restaurants be ready to shell out more dough. The best thing about the Taste (and what us local Chicagoans really take advantage of) are the free music acts offered during the two week festival.

Movies in the Park
Every Tuesday night beginning July 14 to August 25

Also staged in Grant Park, is the family, and couple friendly Movies in the Park. Staged in Grant Park not far off of Lake Shore Drive this is one of my favorite summer outings. Be sure to bring a chair or blanket and snacks - but no alcohol- this is expressly forbidden and your booze will be confiscated if you're caught. Please mind Movie in the Park etiquette: Don't sit you chair in front of people with blankets. And if you're a blanket owner do not sit with blank grass in front of you. Someone will simply plop their stuff in front of you and you'll be craning to see the entire night. Honestly, if you can't get there at least an hour before the film starts don't bother. Once it's close to film time the park is insanely crowded. The lineup this year:
July 14 at 8:58pm: Sunset Boulevard (1950)
July 21 at 8:52pm: Duck Soup (1933)
July 28 at 8:45pm: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1950)
August 4 at 8:37pm: Born Yesterday (1933)
August 11 at 8:27: Psycho (1960)
August 18 at 8:17pm:Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)
August 25 at 8:05pm: Tootsie (1982)

August 7- 9

As I stated in my last post this is my current musical obsession. Just when you think that the Lollapalooza organizers could not top last year's lineup which included Radiohead and Kanye West, this year's lineup is AMAZING: Depeche Mode (assuming that David Gahan will be well enough to continue with their tour- I'm keeping hope alive),The Killers, Thievery Corporation, Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, Andrew Bird, Lykke Li, Cold War Kids and Vampire Weekend- just to name a few. The early bird 3-day passes for $175 are all sold out. Advanced 3-day tickets are currently $190. The Lolla peeps are being pishers right now and are not releasing the daily schedule or offering single day tickets so if you want to be sure you'll have access to all of the bands I say go ahead and buy the 3-day pass. I'm leaning towards doing this myself.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Concert Mania

I have never been one for outdoor festivals: A bunch of sweaty, drunk people simply isn't my idea of a good time. But this year's Lollapalooza lineup has got me seriously reconsidering my opinion. Depeche Mode, The Killers, Thievery Corporation are a few among the many cool bands playing at the three day out door festival. The ticket prices are a little steep ,currently $190 for all three days, but may well be worth it.
Also on my list of amazing concerts are The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and PJ Harvey and I am eagerly waiting for Tori Amos tickets to go sale. Yay music!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Old-er

I will be 29 years-old this year. This still sounds strange coming out of my mouth. I am one year away from being 30. I never considered myself someone who had a problem with getting older until I actually started getting older. No one tells you how the last few years of your twenties fly by in a blur. Had I known I would have enjoyed them more. Right now I find myself thinking about where I thought I would be by this age. The space between vision and reality is an ocean. And this is what upsets me the most. I probably would have no problem with getting older if I had achieved all of the things I thought I would have by this point in my life. So, in a quest to save myself from shoulda coulda wouldas I am contemplating being drastic, being brave and being bold. And though this scares the shit out of me I know it's for my own good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keyed Up

I've been saving money (or at least attempting to) and of course, the moment you try to save money is when you see things that you want with a capital W. My latest obsession are the new Tiffany & Co. key pendants. Now, I'm not one of those trixies who walks around wearing Tiffany & Co. tag bracelets and necklaces. I find those things to be so pedestrian and boring. But these new cute

Tiffany & Co. at ShopStyle

Tiffany & Co. at ShopStyle

I've found a few cheap alternatives in the interim. The first one below is from Fred Flare and retails for only $12.The second is from Target and retails for $47.

Fred Flare at ShopStyle