Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Old-er

I will be 29 years-old this year. This still sounds strange coming out of my mouth. I am one year away from being 30. I never considered myself someone who had a problem with getting older until I actually started getting older. No one tells you how the last few years of your twenties fly by in a blur. Had I known I would have enjoyed them more. Right now I find myself thinking about where I thought I would be by this age. The space between vision and reality is an ocean. And this is what upsets me the most. I probably would have no problem with getting older if I had achieved all of the things I thought I would have by this point in my life. So, in a quest to save myself from shoulda coulda wouldas I am contemplating being drastic, being brave and being bold. And though this scares the shit out of me I know it's for my own good.

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  1. do whatever you feel you need to do. i've been lucky enough to have a pretty good decade but there are TONS of things I wish i would have done that life is getting in the way of. I now have to concentrate on starting a new career, probably getting married next year, and having kids asap. I never got to live in England like I'd planned. I never got my record deal :) hehe dreams I've given up to have the things I have now (a great boyfriend, a full passport, a masters degree) are now pretty much out of reach. if you are free to do the things you want to do, then you need to do them. There is no need to live with regret if you can avoid it.

    And remember - 30 is supposed to be the new 20. So you're still technically young :) At least that's how I'm lookin at it!